Arsenal invests in Crypto?

So today, let’s talk about CashBet and How they’ve signed a deal with arsenal to promote them. So CashBet is an online gaming business that was found in 2012 By mike reeves and they’ve just launched their forty million dollars.

Where they’re going to issue CBC CashBet coins and this coins can be used to bet on the various Games. They’Re gon na have on their platform. So it’s basically a platform that wants to merge mobile gaming and cryptocurrencies Into an iGaming solution. I mean this gaming market is so big. The online gambling markets alone Became a fourty three billion dollar markets in 2016, so why CashBet is saying that they want to solve problems faced by crypto casinos Problems like high transaction fees on the ethereum network, Slow transactions as well, because there’s miners involved Transparency and Even optimisation to mobile phones, so they are saying their platform will allow lower fees Speed when it comes to the payout trust, so no know manipulations in blackjack and roulette or you can Challenge the outcomes so when they launch their platform is going to be fiat and cryptocurrency ready, so you can literally run Your. I gaming sites enable your gaming content And launch a crypto casino in days so they’re, claiming that the platform provides everything you need to run a license and even profitable Gaming business online.

So you have an integrated back-office game management, security, transparency, Exclusive content, know your players analytics built in bonusing for your players to keep coming back currency management, Geo verification system that you can use to offer location-based bonusing and with the geo verification System. You can also, you know, Have different games in different localities. It definitely sounds like an all-in-one solution for online gaming Businesses. I see loads of businesses been built on this platform. What About regulation and compliance?

This is online gaming. This is betting. This is gambling. Let’S have a look into their white paper, so you say that CashBet is licensed by the world’s most reputable online gaming jurisdiction, the Alderney gaming control commission and the uk gambling commission CashBet is in the process of obtaining Licenses from the isle of man, gambling supervision, commission, The only whitelisted regulatory Body currently providing detailed guidance on a regulatory framework for crypto casinos, so yeah it does look like They have regulations and compliance and everything under control. So nothing to be worried About now. Let’S have a look at CashBet and arsenal, So the bbc.

It says that arsenal signs cryptocurrencies deal with gaming, firm cash bet, And here it says, arsenal has become the first major football club to sign a deal to promote a cryptocurrency. But let’s look at some questions that were being asked, So i’ve asked arsenal whether it was wise to endorse a highly volatile business and whether it was encouraging Fans to bet with CashBet coins. The answer to the question was not at all the partnership aims to promote CashBet coin ahead of the initial coin, Offering on january 24, a spokesman for the club said it does not exist to encourage fans to bet with CashBet, So arsenal is promoting CashBet. Yes, they’re saying that they’re not encouraging their fans to bet with These coins. So what exactly are you doing?

I mean i’m just wondering how much Arsenal has in this or how much money they would have paid them or how much tokens are given to them. Whatever their stake Is i just can’t imagine whatever their stake will be in this business? Let’S move on so anyways. If you’re thinking of investing the presale is open now And it’s gon na open to the public in march for the pre-sale, i think you need to have at least $ 25,000 to invest, because i had to look at it and if you Don’t – and you want To invest, then, you probably have to wait until it opens to the public in march. Oh, This is not investment advice by The way, and i have nothing to do with cash bets.

I just like the idea. In fact, the reason i’m doing this video is because of arsenal, because a big-name like that coming into the cryptocurrency space is massive, because i can Imagine how many people didnt know about cryptocurrencies before or didn’t believe in cryptocurrencies before and because arsenal is getting involved. It all makes it look very acceptable. I mean i did a video on The slow adoption of cryptocurrencies and i was comparing it to the pace of Technology back in the 1900s.

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