Casino roulette dealer ‘stabbed in chest by customer’ pictured in hospital

These are the first pictures of a casino dealer who was allegedly stabbed in the chest by a customer in front of horrified. Gamblers David Downes was reportedly left with a’five-inch-deep’ wound near his heart, after being attacked at work in Leicester Square London. He was dealing at a roulette table on Monday evening when he was attacked by a customer carrying a knife.

A source told Mirror Online, A customer managed to bring the blade into Empire Casino before “ getting around the table” and knifing David claimed one source. “ David was stabbed in the chest very close to his heart. People in the area say it happened so quickly and caused so much panic. ,”, they said David was taken to hospital fighting for life after the incident which occurred in the capital. ’ s busy shopping and theatre district.

He was previously said to be in a critical condition, But he has since shared photos online of himself lying in a hospital bed covered in tubes and with a bandage over the middle of his chest. He said the stabbing had left a “ two-inch entry wound” that “ penetrated approximately five inches”, adding that his liver had been cut. He also revealed that the membrane of his heart had been grazed. His diaphragm had been punctuated and he had been to theatre “. A chest drain has removed one litre of blood.

From around my lungs ,” wrote David described as a “ nice” man and a good dealer. He added yesterday “, I have been in theatre and have now moved to a stable but poorly condition. I have been informed that I was lucky two more millimetres to the left and I wouldn ’ t be here “ In a later update David, who has yet to be named as the alleged victim by police revealed. He had received some scan results “. I ’ ve got the results of my scans back and my liver is still bleeding so back to theatre.

In the morning ,” he wrote last night “, Thank god, my hearts, not bleeding. As that was going to be open heart surgery . ”, It remains unclear how the male suspect, who was arrested at the scene, allegedly managed to bring a knife into the casino The source claimed “. The man obviously wasn’t searched thoroughly enough .”.

They added that staff are often verbally abused by gamblers, but that “ no-one should have to fear being stabbed in the chest” at work. “ David’s such a nice guy ,” the source continued “. He wasn’t a bad person. He wasn’t a bad dealer. He’S a nice guy, “ He’s worked [ at Empire ] for quite a few years.

.” Empire Casino was approached about the incident and security claims by Mirror Online, but refused to comment on Monday. This morning the Metropolitan Police said a man had been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an offensive weapon. Following the incident Kien Nguyen 34 from East London is due to appear in custody at Westminster, Magistrates’ Court.

Today the force said The official Westminster police twitter account had earlier said a weapon had been recovered following the alleged stabbing It added that the incident was’not terror related.

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