Dota Basics Episode 1: This is Dota

With that said, let’s explain Dota 2. Now a quick disclaimer here, Dota 2 is always evolving from patches and updates several times a year thanks to Icefrog, the longtime game developer, and the rest of the team at Valve. These patches change the game in some small ways and some large ways so there are going to be some small errors in these guides over time. Well that said, let’s explain Dota 2. DOTA is short for a Defense of the Ancients, which is the goal of the game.

Your goal is to protect your team’s ancient from the enemy while also trying to destroy your opponent’s ancient. As you enter the game you can choose from over a hundred heroes each with unique spells strengths and weaknesses. They’re all free to pick and available to you from the very first game though you can’t pick a hero that someone on either team has already picked. There’s only one allowed per game. Also, you can place the bet on the Dota team, it is very popular in 2019 but at first you need to win some money for that, go to progressive jackpot slots by Casinoslots SA.

Though the map is the same every game, the variety of Dota comes down to the heroes picked as each team has 5 players. There’s a lot of different combinations you’re gonna encounter and a lot of new things to learn. When the game begins, heroes start off weak with a small amount of gold. It’s no quick task to destroy the enemy ancient so in order to eventually get there they first have to destroy several defensive towers which are positioned along the three lanes of the map. To help fight the battle both teams spawn a group of creeps for each lane who sprint towards the enemy and fight whoever they encounter, very often enemy creeps.

When enemy creeps die nearby your hero heroes on your team will gain experience to level up and gain additional and stronger spells. Getting the killing blow on a creep will also grant gold which can be spent on a large selection of items which can boost different aspects of your hero. Either to make yourself or your allies more powerful, sometimes to take more damage or to help you do battle with enemy heroes and their special skills. When you kill enemy heroes you gain an even larger boost to experience and gold and your enemies will have a period of time before they respawn near their ancient. If it’s later into the game, the period of respawn is going to be even longer which makes it even easier to take objectives, like towers, after winning team fights against enemy heroes.

Players can also slay the monster Roshan who dwells in a pit near the center of the map. Rosh will drop some unique items, the primary one being the Aegis of the Immortal, which allows a hero to immediately respawn upon death. While it’s not required to defeat him the golden items that he drops will grant your team an advantage in the next fight so its sometimes worth doing In order to win the game you must destroy at least one of the enemy high ground towers, followed by a final group of defensive towers guarding the ancient. Once you succeed at killing the ancient your team wins and the game is over. And that’s the very basics of how a game in Dota works.

Each video in the Dota Basics series might be something you know or have covered already so feel free to skip around if you already understand the topic we cover. If you just want to learn Dota by playing games, I recommend starting with a handful of bot games or you can play Dota Turbo, which gives more gold and the games end faster, and it’s easier to buy items or if you want the big boy leagues you can just jump into an all pick game and play against real people. The regular episodes of the Dota Basics series are up next, we’ll first cover what the map is like and how to think about it.

We’ll then cover how to control your hero and move around the map and finally some tips for hotkeys and settings so that you can actually get in and start playing Dota 2 pretty fast.

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