Top 5 Biggest Poker Blow-Ups

Here are five times we witnessed maximum tilt.

You come to my game, and you’re wasting my time. At number five, Ryan D’Angelo thought he was teaching Ben Zamani a lesson at the PCA 2010 final table, but it ended up being a demonstration of rather poor etiquette. D’Angelo is going to bet here, he should get Zamani to fold the ace high. It’s quite a smallish bet though, isn’t it?

Into a pretty big pot. There’s about $1.4 million in the pot, he only bets $375,000, about 25% of the pot. I like that, should get Zamani to fold, but he doesn’t, he makes the call with ace high. And the river’s a blank, ace high is good. Ace high is good, but it’s going to be pretty tough to win with this if he checks, he’s going to have to bet to win this pot.

What it that, $575,000? $575,000. Question is, if D’Angelo thinks he’s light here, could he take him off the hand with a raise? Yeah, I think if D’Angelo decides that he’s going to get involved here, he should be raising. Instead he calls.

You win. He calls, I guess he puts him on 6-7, or 5-6 here. No, Ryan’s sister he’s lost.

Oh, my god, I called you with queen high dude. Queen-six. Oh, my god. With ace high. [GROANING] Oh, god that hurts.

I thought I might have the best hand, I didn’t think he’d call with a worse hand. You’re so bad, what are you doing? What are you doing? Is he talking to himself, or Ben? It’s the sickest thing ever, like, oh, my god. You really called pre with that, it’s so bad.

No, he’s talking to Zamani. Wow. You three-bet Queen-six pre, so I don’t think you can point fingers. Yeah, I guess, but that’s the sickest, what are you doing Ben? Oh, my god. I think it’s time to move on Ryan.

What are you doing? You’re so bad. Strong words from Ryan, but at least the entire poker room wasn’t exposed to his venting.

At four, check out this blink and you’ll miss it moment from EPT 10 Barcelona, as Max Greenwood gets it in good only to lose less than gracefully. Kings against Jacks with just one card to come. And it’s a Jack. Oh, boy, a brutal beat for Greenwood.

[BLEEP] kidding me! Oh. Story of my life. Maximum Greenwood, maximum tilt-age. A tab shouty, but clearly an honest reaction.

Oh, god. [BLEEP] Christ. The jury’s still out on Tony G in the big game, was he genuinely upset, or just trying to push Andrew Robl over the edge? I’m going to bet $50.

Tony bets $50,000. See if you’re a real man. $50,000.

Tony’s playing mind games to make it look like he’s trying to buy it, and he’s even making it personal. Yesterday he told Daniel he was going to put the pressure on Robl, and he’s doing it now. [CHIPS CLANGING] I want to call the clock. I want to call the clock! OK, floor please.

Come on, in Internet you play like in one second. But when you come here now, you come to my game, and you’re wasting my time! On the internet, people don’t bet three times the pot every hand. On your bikes, get, Amanda, Amanda, bring a tricycle! Call the clock. Bring your tricycle.

This is ridiculous, these kids are coming here, taking me on! Tony, calm down please. Tony, I need to know, did you bring a bike for me?

So if I shove it at all-in do I get a bike, like at least do I get a novelty prize? Now you’re mocking the man. Now you’re on the clock, you’ve got one minute, and then we’re going to do a 10 second countdown, all right? That is floor man, Tom Kean, putting Andrew Robl on the clock.

This is all part of Tony’s mind games, to try to get Andrew steamed enough to call. OK, you’re at one minute, you got a 10 second countdown, at 10 seconds your hand will be dead. 10– nine– eight– seven– six– five– four– three– two– one. Fold. Let’s see a deuce-nine, deuce and a nine Tony G. Good fold.

He didn’t show, oh, it was a good fold. Good fold, made the hero lay down. What did you have? A pair of sixes. What did you have ace-queen? Around, around that.

Credit to Robl for keeping his cool, the same can be said for Vanessa Selbst to EPT Eight, Berlin. Going deep in the main event, she found herself seated opposite her friend Kevin Macphee, cue completely unnecessary conflict. Vanessa re-raises a four-bet to $79,000. Against just about any other player, I think this is the point where Kevin would probably ditch this like an ugly date on prom night. Whoa, he’s just five-bet to $131,000. Eh, yeah, with ace-nine off-suit, now take what I just said about Kevin, and apply it to Vanessa.

How much do you have left? You know like, this many. This is absolute insanity with these two hands, did we get the graphics right? I’m all-in. She six-bet shoves.

Double, eh, yeah. Still probably have the best hand. Title defense two years later, I call. OMG, he calls.

Do you have Ace-Jack? No. I have a pair.

I have ace-nine. Correct reaction. You’re complicit in this too, Selbst. What just happened?

Huh, you just think that’s a snap. Snap fold, yeah. I don’t know, I’m not sure about that.

Nice hand, nice call, I guess. The flop has an ace on it. [BLEEP] You call that. Because you’re Vanessa Selbst, Macphee takes the lead, Vanessa needs a four. Turn card please. Sick race.

Nice hand. Macphee set to get a huge double up here. And another ace for good measure. The needle, she can’t believe it, I can’t believe it, can you believe it? As hard as it is to believe, that just happened.

Very nice hand. My plan was to call, but I wanted to make sure, I mean. Does Liv even know what happened?

She’s about to find out. Worst play I’ve ever seen. What, because he like goes after me every time, I have no idea why. He’s a friend of mine, you can put that on TV, it’s the worst play ever. I don’t know why friends going after me, but he does it every single tournament he goes after me. Hum.

Liv’s face says it all. Well no countdown of blowups would be complete without the Poker Brat himself. In fact, he may be deserving of a top five of his own.

At number one, he’s the best of the worst of Phil Hellmuth Jr. A lot of players would feel forced, or frustrated into calling here, but great players, they fold here sometimes. Oh, man. That’s only sometimes, let’s see if Phil can get away.

Calls. King, I only play the nuts like you, buddy. Dario wins a $55,000 pot. If I have it. Oh, boy, that’s going to be the one.

This is [BLEEP] unreal what happens to me at the [BLEEP] place. I mean, I’m just so [BLEEP] sick of it, you know. I mean, I just [BLEEP] I mean, I had the best on the turn, I had the best hand on the river. The guys have [BLEEP] two outs every [BLEEP] pot we play. You had the two best hand pre-flop. And I had the best hand pre-flop unless you had ace-seven.

Yeah, nice hand buddy. Actually, come to think of it, maybe this one is worse. Tony G makes the call. [LAUGHS] Phil looking to the cameras for answers.

This– is this for real, are they recording this, I mean? Are they recording this? Is this for real, I mean, I– No, Phil, you’re not being Punk’d. Yeah, it’s for real. He does fold.

Nice, nice, nice, it’s just so much fun here, I mean. I wanted to give you the opportunity to participate, but you didn’t, [LAUGHS] that’s all. Don’t worry Tony, I just said pocket 10s, that’s all, and I just had a bad feeling you had the queens, yeah. Wait, wait, wait, this outburst is probably more deserving of first prize. Call. Bets $10,000, Phil calls.

Good call. Sees the bad news. He has a full house.

You didn’t raise? At least maybe we’ll get the blowup we’re all waiting for. I know you got a flush. The nine, this guy’s raising, and re-raising. I know right.

[LAUGHS] Explosion is about happen. [LAUGHS] Bring the trike, he needs a trike, oh, he can’t drive a bike. [LAUGHTER] God, it’s extraordinary, just so unlucky, I’m really getting sick of this, four-five off-suit.

Please, the game all evens out. Bottom pair against top pair, bottom pair against top pair, where. Come on, Phil. Where he’s going to pay me off another $7,000– $8,000 but no, he fills up, and wins $14 from me. You’re a disgrace to the game. [LAUGHTER] Where do you come up with that?

I’ll tell you, can I– can I– can I tell you one thing Tony, can I tell you one thing? That you’re a disgrace. Can I tell you one thing or not? Or are you just going to interrupt me, because if you interrupt go ahead, I just won’t say anything.

Tony, let him talk, I want to hear, I’m curious. Can I tell you one thing? I wish that I weren’t a bad loser, sometimes. But it’s 10 times as bad to be a bad winner, and you’re a bad winner my friend. Well, that Hellmuthian explosion concludes our top five blowups. That’s so sick, oh, my god.

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